Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today wasn't a great day LOL I spent the day chasing after my child who has now discovered she can kind of forgot to eat most of the day LOL

I had a couple pieces of toast with some fat free cream cheese for breakfast.

We were out at lunch time so I stopped at Subway and got a turkey sandwich.

I made some ravioli for dinner (this was the bad decision of the day lol)

My snacks for the day included a string cheese and an ice cream sandwich....

I ate only 1015 calories all day :-\ I guess my next trick is going to be to find some snacks that I can carry with me when I'm out and about so I don't "forget" to eat.

I DID (at the suggestion of my wonderful cousin, Lani) buy a pedometer at walmart today that counts both steps and calories burned. And since I put it on around 4pm, I've taken over 1600 steps just chasing my daughter around our tiny little house LOL

I like that I got out of the house this morning because it took my mind off food...but I think it took my mind off food TOO much LOL I need to find a better balance....

Tomorrow will be a better day :-) Right now I'm going to go check on my sleeping child because I just read a horribly disturbing article about babies dying in cars (really great article...but I'll e having nightmares for weeks) and now I need to see her, and then I'm going to read and maybe have another snack LOL


  1. Raviloliiiiiiiiiiii, yummy!!! Cool that you got a pedometer, is it easy to use? Hey, I got on that web site you did and they sent me some great recipes and some good information, thanx. Look forward to reading this everyday!!! Hugs.......

  2. Really its not that bad of a day!

    You can eat Raviloi! Just eat 3 not 17 of them!

    I love skinny cow ice cream sammiches! Yumm and only 2 points on WW ( I think)
    Bryan even likes them, and that means they are great!!