Friday, May 21, 2010

Starting out

OK...So my daughter is now 15months old and I'm still hanging on to A LOT of extra baby weight. YIKES. I NEED to do something. So I'm using this blog as a motivator...that means all of YOU out there reading (because I'm sure there are just TONNNNS of people who are that interested in me to read about my *hopeful* weight loss) need to help...please! If I don't post every day, YELL AT ME :-D Please and thank you! I will be divulging some uber personal information (ie: MY CURRENT WEIGHT...RUUUUUUUUUN) so if you're squeamish at all, you'd better stop reading now ;-)

So here's my plan....And I am extremely open to suggestions, so please share.

I will begin by simply counting calories. I know right now I eat a lot of crap, and likely too I think that's a good starting point.

Thanks to the wonders of this here internet, I found a fun little tool on to tell me how many calories I need to eat per day to help me get alllllll the way back to my goal weight of 160lbs. Keep reading for results.

Also, since Brandon just got a bike for his birthday, I went out and got myself one as well...along with a fun little bike trailer for Aly to ride in...

We also have a stroller that she has thankfully learned to like so walking is definitely in.

In addition, I have my wonderful Wii Fit. With all of these options, my starting plan is 30 minutes of aerobic activity per day. As I get some stamina and strength back I will add in some strength training as well.

At the end of each day, I will post my morning weight, what I ate that day, and what kind of/how much exercise I did. Likely, most people will get bored and stop reading if they haven't already :-P

So here goes....

As of this morning:
Current Weight: 231lbs (GULP!)
Goal Weight: 160lbs (BIGGER GULP!)
Amount to lose: 71lbs (I think I just swallowed my tongue...) tells me:
"If you exercise for 30 min each day, you will be able to reach your goal weight with 2313.7 calories per day" (I'll be saving the link here so I can return to it as my weight goes down and my calories must adjust accordingly)

I will begin halfway today, since tomorrow is grocery shopping day and there's very little food in the house LOL The full plan will kick off Sunday, (New week, new start, right?) though that doesn't mean I won't be watching what goes into my mouth the next two days and that certainly doesn't mean that I won't be riding that new bike around as soon as the little one wakes up from her nap. :-)

And for a little added's what I looked like 4 years ago (somewhere between 150lbs and 165lbs):

And here's where I am now:


And the journey begins.........


  1. I'm proud of ya, kid! If you're anything like me (and we both know you are) The exercise you get will make all the difference. I wish we were closer so we could do this together. My baby is a bit past 15 months.. and I still have my baby weight too. Good luck! I love you!

  2. Go Shaina! I'll be following your blog and hopefully you will inspire me to get off my butt and get healthy too!

  3. OK Kid, I'm with you!! Stopped doing my walking everyday and I'm hating myself for it. This will keep me motivated too and I will be helping me and pulling for you!! Like I said on your page....... You will succeed as you do in all you set your mind to! You are amazing!! Good luck and I'll be here with you everyday (although your MIL being here everyday might not be a joy for you, LOL). Hugs...........