Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 1...

Sort of...

So I treated today as a "normal" day to see what kind of damage I typically do. My plan is to change my "normal" dramatically as time goes by...

I found and joined which told me that I should not exceed 1700cal per day. So I'm going with that number. It's a pretty cool site which allows you to enter whatever food you want as well as the total nutrients (or lack thereof :-P) for said food. I was also given the following "do not exceed" numbers:

Fat: 57g/day
Sat. Fat: 19g/day
Cholesterol: 300mg/day
Carbs: 213g (this seems high? any insight?)
Sodium: 1500mg/day
Sugar: 43g/day

So...I didn't put in every little thing for what I ate today, just calories and's where I ended up:

Breakfast: (Saturdays are bad because we join the "gang" for breakfast at Hardees...I'll have to start doing little things like grits and bringing a yogurt with me...)
Breakfast Bowl: 620cal; 50g Fat (holy hell!)
Had some Coke Zero which has 1cal/ MAYBE 4 cal there (not included in daily total)

Lunch: Made some left over tacos from last night's dinner. Had 3...should have stopped after 2....I need to work on this...this is all components added together.
Tacos: 568 cal; 26g Fat (Again...yikes)

Dinner: Made a homemade pizza (note to self: buy some low fat cheese!)
Pizza: 410 cal; 13g Fat

I plan on having a snack in the next hour as well...

Fat Free Yogurt: 100cal; 0g Fat

So...My total calories for the day: 1698 - pretty good!
Total Fat: 89g! (pretty bad!)

So I've learned today that way too many of my calories come from I need to work on some low fat options. I also need to switch to whole grains.

Todays exercise involved carrying an almost 30lb 15mo old around Walmart for over an hour while we waited for Daddy's truck to get inspected LOL

So my goals for my first week:
Eat less fat, more fruits and veggies, more whole grains.
Drink lots of water!
Exercise more.

I did not weigh myself this morning...I will begin weigh-in's tomorrow. I think I've decided I'm going to do a weekly weight post rather than daily. I'm hoping the results will be more noticeable and therefore, more motivational that way ;-)

Thanks for all the support! It helps to know others are going through the same things and it's nice to know we can all go through this together. I think for me it's not about dieting, per's about changing how I eat. I used to be really good about eating smaller portions more often and today shows me that I don't really do that well anymore. So that is another goal for this week...and the rest of my life really LOL

Now then...anyone have any tips on how to get your 15mo to no be afraid every time she lets go of something and just stands there??? :-P


  1. Great start, Shai!
    Isn't it tragically unfair how many calories things have? I used to think nothing of popping in a couple dozen Hershey's kisses and then I found out that EACH one is 22 calories!!! That made me want to cry.
    You're are definitely on the right track with recording everything that you consume. Just right there you will start to make changes as you look for foods that are more satisfying with less calories. You will read the calorie count on a Snickers and think, wow, so not worth spending 1/4 of my daily calories on that!
    Whenever I crave something crunchy I head straight for the carrots. Sweet: apples. Salty: popcorn (100 cal packs are great).
    I'm rooting for you. You can do it!
    P.S. Love your blog name!

  2. Thanks Julie! :-D Thanks for reminding me about popcorn!!! I love popcorn! And I did get a bunch of apples at the store today...I figure some apple slices with a little low fat peanut butter will be a good protein filled snack. :-) Also got some baby carrots :-) I'll have to look up making ranch dressing with a fat free plain yogurt instead of sour cream...hmmmmm :-) Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Hi, you asked about the carbs total and all I can tell you is that the cardio dietician told me 45 carbs per meal. I took that 45 X 3 = 135 total and split it over all my little meals for the day.
    Doesn't it suck when you start keeping track, very scary, LOL. As for the popcorn, the calories are great, but not sure about the carbs if you are watching them. I also will eat an apple with some low fat cheese, like a cheese stick, that's good. The south beach diet fiber bars are good and they are not expensive. I'll keep thinking..... yea Shaina!!!