Sunday, May 23, 2010

The real day 1

Happy Sunday!

OK, day one down and I feel pretty good about what I did today :-) I hope I can keep it up. Here are the days stats:

Morning Weight: 230lbs

Daily Consumption:

For breakfast I had a sliced Gala Apple (75 cal, 0g Fat) dipped in Strawberry Yogurt (100 cal, 0 fat) and 2 Biscuits (total of 200 cal and 8g fat)
Breakfast Totals: 375 cal, 8g fat!

For lunch, I had a salad topped with a can of drained tuna (the only fish I'll eat lol) and a little fat free blue cheese dressing (190 cal, 2g fat, 25g protein!) along with a banana (105 Cal, .04g Fat)
Lunch Totals: 295 cal, 2.4g fat!

I had 2 stalks of celery topped with a little bit of peanut butter for an afternoon snack.
Snack Totals: 209 cal, 16g Fat (damn peanut butter lol)

For dinner, I made some awesome chicken breasts baked with some balsamic vinegar and seasoned with a little bit of garlic powder and pepper. (150cal, 1.5g fat, 35g protein) I also made some brown rice (150 cal, 1g fat) and some plain steamed green beans (25 cal, 0g fat).
Dinner Totals: 325 cal, 2.5g fat, 40g protein.

So far, my daily totals are as follows:
1203 calories
29g fat
5.6g saturated fat
160 carbs
84g protein
145mg cholesterol

SO...I'm under my calories for the day, and well under my limit for fat intake. question for you food/diet gurus out there, how bad is it to be 500cal under your daily limit? I will likely have another yogurt tonight or a banana...

Because of the rain today, I didn't get out to get a bunch of exercise, but hopefully I can get on the wii fit later tonight and fool around. :-)

I feel really good about my choices today. I won't lie, Aly's macaroni and cheese at lunch looked REALLY good...LOL But that's not to say I didn't enjoy the food I ate. I forgot how yummy celery and peanut butter is haha I do need to get some low fat/low sodium peanut butter though...

My one gripe is:
CELERY HAS CALORIES?!?!? Seriously?!?!?! It's freaking WATER! LOL

OK...rant over :-P far so good :-) I may have a light beer tonight to celebrate since I have some calories to spare ;-)

Thanks again for all the support everyone!!!


  1. Woo Hoo Woman!!!!! I love your choices and never thought of having an apple with my yogurt in the morning!! Cool!! The only thing my diet program does is yell at me that I need protein in the morning...... any suggestions??? Love the celery rant, feel the same way! LOL

  2. I know protein in the morning is important, and my biggest thought was eggs, but they're so full of fat...I've been thinking about getting some of those egg substitute things (ie: egg beaters?) but I'm not sure. I'll have to get out and just peruse the store for "fun" stuff like that :-)

  3. Shaina,

    Celery is actually considered to be a negative calorie food item. It takes more calories to digest it than there are calories in it.

    Just though I would cheer ya up a bit.

    I don;t know if I am going to follow through with this but I would like to comment on your post at least 3xs a week and offer you some tips, hints, tricks that I have picked up.

    Also possibly a recipe that I find. This will add to your collection of recipes.

    I hope that's ok with you!!

    I will be checking in on you friend from time to time!!