Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 2

Well I didn't quite meet my goal this week, but I still lost weight, and that's what I'm aiming no discouragement here :-)

Last week: 226.5
Today: 224
Total loss: 6.5lbs :-)

It's going slowly, but it's still going!

I need to be exercising more, and want to be...time seems to get away from me now that it gets dark so damn early. I hope to be better with that. Even it if means taking out the WiiFit during Aly's nap or getting up earlier in the morning. I know the weight loss will be even better once I'm a lot more active!

I think I also need to push my post dinner snack back to no later than 8pm. It has been about 9pm because of Aly's bedtime, but I need to work on that.

Goal for next week: 2lbs (It's Thanksgiving I'm aiming low! LOL)

Until next week....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Still on the wagon ;-)

It's been a really good week :-) The Alli seems to be doing what it says it does (including some of the kind of gross stuff...but it's all still good LOL)

So here goes!
Last week: 230.5
This morning: 226.5 :-D

4lbs down in one week! At this rate, I'll be skinny by Christmas ;-) hehehehe

Really though, the first few days I tested the pill and ate pretty shitty...and regretted it! LOL The last few days I've been eating really well. Snacking on low fat things like fruit and pretzels instead of sweets. Eating good meals. I feel really good!

I've been trying to get out and walk every day, but I've been slacking in that area. I think I need to make it part of our schedule and just go out every day at 11:30am or something along those lines. That would actually work pretty well I think since I could walk for 30 min and still be back for lunch time :-)

So week one was great! Hoping for even better in week 2! My goal for next week is 3lbs :-)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Beginning again...

Okay...I'm officially fed up :-) BUT, now I have some goals...and motivation ;-)

June 18th, 2011 is only about 7 months away. What day is that, you might ask? Well, after 5 years, Brandon and I are finally having a wedding :-) As it stands right now, I don't want a camera pointed anywhere near me...SO there's the motivation ;-)

Weighed this morning (after breakfast because I forgot lol): 230.5lbs
I want to be at most, 170 by next June. Which gives me 7months to lose 60lbs. Doable? I sure hope so! (160 would be preferable, but I may adjust as I

Thanks to a good friend, I will also have the help of Alli (begun today). For those who don't know, Alli is a pill that helps to block the absorption of some of the fat you consume. If you consume too much fat, Alli will want to get rid of it...leaving you to run for the bathroom (from what I've read lol) So basically you're forced to eat less fat and fewer calories.

My other goal is to walk at LEAST 30min a day. I began the couch to 5k training program a few weeks ago and I was doing okay, but my stamina is pretty bad and I was having some major shin splint pain. So for at least a few weeks I'm going to build my stamina by walking (and pushing a 30lb toddler in a stroller lol) and hopefully I can get back to the couch to 5k because I really liked it, it just hurt too much...and not in a good way.

I also have a daily food journal so I can keep track of everything I'm eating. I won't bore you all with my daily food intake, because no one really wants to read that LOL I think my big goal is to work on portion control. I don't think I eat bad things, I just think I eat too much. SO, to trick myself, I'll be eating out of smaller dishes, thinking I'm eating just as much as before. I know it sounds weird...but apparently it works LOL

SO...Here we go. No turning back this time...I refuse to be fat and nasty come June!

Thank you everyone for your support! I don't know if I'll update this daily, but at least weekly. I think I'll do a Sunday weigh-in each week.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Still here...

OK...So...we're just going to pretend yesterday never happened, okay? LOL I was in a crappy mood all day and barely ate mostly because I was running around with Aly....and then I was still awake at midnight and finished the last piece of carrot cake that was in the fridge...ahem (sorry honey!)


I weighed myself this morning...227! So since last Friday, I'm down 4.5lbs! :-D

Today was a little better than yesterday...

Totals for the day:

1311 Calories
30g Fat
5.2g Sat Fat
48g Protein :-)

I'm going to do a little more research and reading on weight watchers and hope to start that in a week or two. I'm feeling really restricted right now in what I'm able to eat and that's making me not want to I think if I start the WW I won't feel so restricted since it's based a bit differently.

Anyway...that's really all for today.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today wasn't a great day LOL I spent the day chasing after my child who has now discovered she can kind of forgot to eat most of the day LOL

I had a couple pieces of toast with some fat free cream cheese for breakfast.

We were out at lunch time so I stopped at Subway and got a turkey sandwich.

I made some ravioli for dinner (this was the bad decision of the day lol)

My snacks for the day included a string cheese and an ice cream sandwich....

I ate only 1015 calories all day :-\ I guess my next trick is going to be to find some snacks that I can carry with me when I'm out and about so I don't "forget" to eat.

I DID (at the suggestion of my wonderful cousin, Lani) buy a pedometer at walmart today that counts both steps and calories burned. And since I put it on around 4pm, I've taken over 1600 steps just chasing my daughter around our tiny little house LOL

I like that I got out of the house this morning because it took my mind off food...but I think it took my mind off food TOO much LOL I need to find a better balance....

Tomorrow will be a better day :-) Right now I'm going to go check on my sleeping child because I just read a horribly disturbing article about babies dying in cars (really great article...but I'll e having nightmares for weeks) and now I need to see her, and then I'm going to read and maybe have another snack LOL

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Still going

Yet another good day :-)

Didn't leave the house today...that kinda sucked LOL I need to do that more often...

So...I'm kinda tired, so I think I'm just going to give daily totals (which turned out pretty good...) so I can clean up the mess that my now walking child made, read a little, and go to bed early LOL

I had a full breakfast, lunch and dinner (I made lean beef burgers on the Foreman Grill...YAY MEAT! haha) and a few snacks throughout the totals ended up as follows:

1680 Calories :-)
36g Fat
13.2g Saturated Fat
101g Protein :-D

A fellow February 2009 mama gave me some links and tips for Weight Watchers (Thank you Sarah!) and I think once I get a few weeks under my belt of re-learning to eat well and then jump into that and see how I do :-)

Thanks again for the continued support! It really really helps to know I have so many people behind me!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Monday

So good to meeeeeee :-)

OK, I'll quit singing!

Today was great! I found a bunch of new foods that are great for snacking and good for me too! And I also discovered that my favorite fast food sandwich (Arby's Roast Chicken Ranch, minus the ranch) is a TOTALLY doable lunch!! So I treated myself today :-)'s what I ate today:

Half of a cinnamon raisin bagel
Yoplait Light Peach Yogurt

325 calories
1.5g Fat
.08g Saturated Fat
9.5g Protein

That awesome Arby's sandwich (ONLY 280 Calories and 2 grams of fat!!!)
And some celery and peanut butter

489 Calories
18.5g Fat (damn peanut butter LOL)
3.5g Saturated Fat
35!g Protein

Dinner was weird LOL (Brandon worked late haha)
String Cheese Stick
Tuna Sandwich (One can of tuna, drained, moistened with a tiny bit of mustard, whole wheat bread)
Bowl of Oats and Honey cereal with skim milk (lol yep, I'm strange)

420 Calories
8g Fat
1.5g Saturated Fat
40g Protein!

Todays snacks included the following:
String Cheese
Jello Strawberry Cheesecake cup (OMG who knew "cheesecake" could only be 130 calories!)
Cottage Cheese and Blueberry mixture
Kick ass Ice cream sandwich I found at Walmart (only 160 calories)

450 Calories
10.5g fat
6g Saturated Fat
22g Protein

Wow, I feel like I did nothing but eat alllll day....and I enjoyed the food I ate :)

Here are my totals for the day:
1683 Calories (YAY!)
38g Fat
11.8g Saturated Fat
108g Protein!

I'm especially proud of all the protein I've found to eat!

My exercise for the day included running around Target in search of hearing aid batteries for my temporarily deaf hubby (lol) and holding down an extremely angry 28lb, 33in 15month old while her eyes, ears, teeth/mouth, height, head circumference were all checked....and then again while she got her shot :-( No lie, I broke a sweat LOL I then spent about 45 minutes searching through walmart for some awesome snack foods like those I mentioned :-)

On an even better note, my stubborn and timid little girl took the plunge today and let go and walked across the living room :-D

I'm down 2lbs since Friday :-)

I think that's all for the night....I hope to keep this up and be able to exercise more as the days go by. I'm feeling really good about myself today! Here's to having a bathing suit ready body before next summer!!! :-D

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The real day 1

Happy Sunday!

OK, day one down and I feel pretty good about what I did today :-) I hope I can keep it up. Here are the days stats:

Morning Weight: 230lbs

Daily Consumption:

For breakfast I had a sliced Gala Apple (75 cal, 0g Fat) dipped in Strawberry Yogurt (100 cal, 0 fat) and 2 Biscuits (total of 200 cal and 8g fat)
Breakfast Totals: 375 cal, 8g fat!

For lunch, I had a salad topped with a can of drained tuna (the only fish I'll eat lol) and a little fat free blue cheese dressing (190 cal, 2g fat, 25g protein!) along with a banana (105 Cal, .04g Fat)
Lunch Totals: 295 cal, 2.4g fat!

I had 2 stalks of celery topped with a little bit of peanut butter for an afternoon snack.
Snack Totals: 209 cal, 16g Fat (damn peanut butter lol)

For dinner, I made some awesome chicken breasts baked with some balsamic vinegar and seasoned with a little bit of garlic powder and pepper. (150cal, 1.5g fat, 35g protein) I also made some brown rice (150 cal, 1g fat) and some plain steamed green beans (25 cal, 0g fat).
Dinner Totals: 325 cal, 2.5g fat, 40g protein.

So far, my daily totals are as follows:
1203 calories
29g fat
5.6g saturated fat
160 carbs
84g protein
145mg cholesterol

SO...I'm under my calories for the day, and well under my limit for fat intake. question for you food/diet gurus out there, how bad is it to be 500cal under your daily limit? I will likely have another yogurt tonight or a banana...

Because of the rain today, I didn't get out to get a bunch of exercise, but hopefully I can get on the wii fit later tonight and fool around. :-)

I feel really good about my choices today. I won't lie, Aly's macaroni and cheese at lunch looked REALLY good...LOL But that's not to say I didn't enjoy the food I ate. I forgot how yummy celery and peanut butter is haha I do need to get some low fat/low sodium peanut butter though...

My one gripe is:
CELERY HAS CALORIES?!?!? Seriously?!?!?! It's freaking WATER! LOL

OK...rant over :-P far so good :-) I may have a light beer tonight to celebrate since I have some calories to spare ;-)

Thanks again for all the support everyone!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 1...

Sort of...

So I treated today as a "normal" day to see what kind of damage I typically do. My plan is to change my "normal" dramatically as time goes by...

I found and joined which told me that I should not exceed 1700cal per day. So I'm going with that number. It's a pretty cool site which allows you to enter whatever food you want as well as the total nutrients (or lack thereof :-P) for said food. I was also given the following "do not exceed" numbers:

Fat: 57g/day
Sat. Fat: 19g/day
Cholesterol: 300mg/day
Carbs: 213g (this seems high? any insight?)
Sodium: 1500mg/day
Sugar: 43g/day

So...I didn't put in every little thing for what I ate today, just calories and's where I ended up:

Breakfast: (Saturdays are bad because we join the "gang" for breakfast at Hardees...I'll have to start doing little things like grits and bringing a yogurt with me...)
Breakfast Bowl: 620cal; 50g Fat (holy hell!)
Had some Coke Zero which has 1cal/ MAYBE 4 cal there (not included in daily total)

Lunch: Made some left over tacos from last night's dinner. Had 3...should have stopped after 2....I need to work on this...this is all components added together.
Tacos: 568 cal; 26g Fat (Again...yikes)

Dinner: Made a homemade pizza (note to self: buy some low fat cheese!)
Pizza: 410 cal; 13g Fat

I plan on having a snack in the next hour as well...

Fat Free Yogurt: 100cal; 0g Fat

So...My total calories for the day: 1698 - pretty good!
Total Fat: 89g! (pretty bad!)

So I've learned today that way too many of my calories come from I need to work on some low fat options. I also need to switch to whole grains.

Todays exercise involved carrying an almost 30lb 15mo old around Walmart for over an hour while we waited for Daddy's truck to get inspected LOL

So my goals for my first week:
Eat less fat, more fruits and veggies, more whole grains.
Drink lots of water!
Exercise more.

I did not weigh myself this morning...I will begin weigh-in's tomorrow. I think I've decided I'm going to do a weekly weight post rather than daily. I'm hoping the results will be more noticeable and therefore, more motivational that way ;-)

Thanks for all the support! It helps to know others are going through the same things and it's nice to know we can all go through this together. I think for me it's not about dieting, per's about changing how I eat. I used to be really good about eating smaller portions more often and today shows me that I don't really do that well anymore. So that is another goal for this week...and the rest of my life really LOL

Now then...anyone have any tips on how to get your 15mo to no be afraid every time she lets go of something and just stands there??? :-P

Friday, May 21, 2010

Starting out

OK...So my daughter is now 15months old and I'm still hanging on to A LOT of extra baby weight. YIKES. I NEED to do something. So I'm using this blog as a motivator...that means all of YOU out there reading (because I'm sure there are just TONNNNS of people who are that interested in me to read about my *hopeful* weight loss) need to help...please! If I don't post every day, YELL AT ME :-D Please and thank you! I will be divulging some uber personal information (ie: MY CURRENT WEIGHT...RUUUUUUUUUN) so if you're squeamish at all, you'd better stop reading now ;-)

So here's my plan....And I am extremely open to suggestions, so please share.

I will begin by simply counting calories. I know right now I eat a lot of crap, and likely too I think that's a good starting point.

Thanks to the wonders of this here internet, I found a fun little tool on to tell me how many calories I need to eat per day to help me get alllllll the way back to my goal weight of 160lbs. Keep reading for results.

Also, since Brandon just got a bike for his birthday, I went out and got myself one as well...along with a fun little bike trailer for Aly to ride in...

We also have a stroller that she has thankfully learned to like so walking is definitely in.

In addition, I have my wonderful Wii Fit. With all of these options, my starting plan is 30 minutes of aerobic activity per day. As I get some stamina and strength back I will add in some strength training as well.

At the end of each day, I will post my morning weight, what I ate that day, and what kind of/how much exercise I did. Likely, most people will get bored and stop reading if they haven't already :-P

So here goes....

As of this morning:
Current Weight: 231lbs (GULP!)
Goal Weight: 160lbs (BIGGER GULP!)
Amount to lose: 71lbs (I think I just swallowed my tongue...) tells me:
"If you exercise for 30 min each day, you will be able to reach your goal weight with 2313.7 calories per day" (I'll be saving the link here so I can return to it as my weight goes down and my calories must adjust accordingly)

I will begin halfway today, since tomorrow is grocery shopping day and there's very little food in the house LOL The full plan will kick off Sunday, (New week, new start, right?) though that doesn't mean I won't be watching what goes into my mouth the next two days and that certainly doesn't mean that I won't be riding that new bike around as soon as the little one wakes up from her nap. :-)

And for a little added's what I looked like 4 years ago (somewhere between 150lbs and 165lbs):

And here's where I am now:


And the journey begins.........