Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Still going

Yet another good day :-)

Didn't leave the house today...that kinda sucked LOL I need to do that more often...

So...I'm kinda tired, so I think I'm just going to give daily totals (which turned out pretty good...) so I can clean up the mess that my now walking child made, read a little, and go to bed early LOL

I had a full breakfast, lunch and dinner (I made lean beef burgers on the Foreman Grill...YAY MEAT! haha) and a few snacks throughout the day....my totals ended up as follows:

1680 Calories :-)
36g Fat
13.2g Saturated Fat
101g Protein :-D

A fellow February 2009 mama gave me some links and tips for Weight Watchers (Thank you Sarah!) and I think once I get a few weeks under my belt of re-learning to eat well and then jump into that and see how I do :-)

Thanks again for the continued support! It really really helps to know I have so many people behind me!

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