Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 2

Well I didn't quite meet my goal this week, but I still lost weight, and that's what I'm aiming no discouragement here :-)

Last week: 226.5
Today: 224
Total loss: 6.5lbs :-)

It's going slowly, but it's still going!

I need to be exercising more, and want to be...time seems to get away from me now that it gets dark so damn early. I hope to be better with that. Even it if means taking out the WiiFit during Aly's nap or getting up earlier in the morning. I know the weight loss will be even better once I'm a lot more active!

I think I also need to push my post dinner snack back to no later than 8pm. It has been about 9pm because of Aly's bedtime, but I need to work on that.

Goal for next week: 2lbs (It's Thanksgiving I'm aiming low! LOL)

Until next week....

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