Sunday, November 14, 2010

Still on the wagon ;-)

It's been a really good week :-) The Alli seems to be doing what it says it does (including some of the kind of gross stuff...but it's all still good LOL)

So here goes!
Last week: 230.5
This morning: 226.5 :-D

4lbs down in one week! At this rate, I'll be skinny by Christmas ;-) hehehehe

Really though, the first few days I tested the pill and ate pretty shitty...and regretted it! LOL The last few days I've been eating really well. Snacking on low fat things like fruit and pretzels instead of sweets. Eating good meals. I feel really good!

I've been trying to get out and walk every day, but I've been slacking in that area. I think I need to make it part of our schedule and just go out every day at 11:30am or something along those lines. That would actually work pretty well I think since I could walk for 30 min and still be back for lunch time :-)

So week one was great! Hoping for even better in week 2! My goal for next week is 3lbs :-)

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  1. Wow!!! one down and 30 to go!!! You will disappear before the wedding....... lol. You are doing great kiddo and an inspiration to me.... Love and hugs.... :)